Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! - my new year resolution (or something like that) - Read all at www.hellobello.it

This is a little introspective post, I am not quite sure of knowing how to write it but here we are.

Writing a blog is to me a mixture between “I wish the whole world knew this” and “maybe it better no one read it”.

I’m lucky because if the first thing is very difficult, the second it’s super easy.

Someone said that “it is an act of faith”, if so forgive me because I have sinned.

I passed the advent to prepare myself for Christmas, and Christmas time to get ready to myself.

The 2016 arrived, I have a resolutions list long enough to be ashamed to write it down.

But they’re all in my head, it’s the same?

Yesterday I removed the tree, I have no more excuses, it’s time to make.

And run, compete, grow, make mistakes, write, believe it.

You want more and you want it fast. So what?

Also this year … #byebyechristmastree #sadbuthappy #hello2016

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