Star Wars: 10 gadgets for true lovers

The force wakes up today.

And I must say that I did my homework, I feel prepared.

I also explored the Star Wars gadgets theme on Etsy, I have to share my 10 favorites.

But I want to gift even the worst one. Because when you’re a fan, go from cute to horrid, from good humor to tacky one … is a snap!

  1. “May The Forks Be With You” fork at LeBreux
    I never thought that a fork could also be ironic.


2. Yoda Best Card At TheLittlePiper

The highest compliment you can receive.


3. Star Wars Light Switch Cover At HaveALaugh

For the undecided that did not choose their side


4. Star Wars 7 pencils Set at IceyDesigns
Stationery + quotes, two weak sides in one


5. Boba Fett apron dress at ActionPink
I would wear it? Sure!

6. Ewok Tea Bag Tidy At GallonsOfInk
Who doesn’t love the Ewoks?


7. “I Love You/I Know” Pillow Cover Set at AndersAttic

The force is backing me to restrain myself from buying them.

8. R2D2 Decal Kits for your KitchenAid Stand Mixer at GoodMommyLtd

One more excuse to buy Kitchen Aid, if needed.

9. Yoda T-shirts At TheOlSwitcheroo
The t-shirts are not the most original gadget, but this is my favorite nerd one.


10. Christmas Sweater “I found you” lack of cheer “Disturbing” at SheSquatsClothing
Because at Christmas we are all nice.


Bonus track

The worst one-Admiral Ackbar “It’s a TrapCrap” toilet Decal at Energeek
It speaks for itself. Do you perceive the subtle irony?

There is never an end to the worst–Star Wars Inspired Underwear “Use the Force” at DazzlingDecals
And the final piece, for Double Entendre conosseurs.




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