My booty at the Merry Handmade

Yesterday and the day before yesterday it was held in several Italian cities the Merry Handmade, a creative event organized by A little market, two days full of creative workshops (discovered too late and all sold out) and Made in Italy handmade market (see the booty below).

Stealing from the Organization’s own words:

“We can and we want to bring the excellence of “handmade” throughout the Italian, generating and making strong connections among crafters and professionals of DIY.

Creativity is no longer just appeal to the individual but to a hotbed of intent, skills and energies of a Group: hold an event as the “Merry Handmade” creates a team spirit among our creators, which is the most important value of a community.”



from “Famo Cose” FB page

Let’s have a look to my booty.

Apart from a handful of beautiful business cards, that I can’t wait to study me slowly online (I love mix online & offline, which multichannel would otherwise?), holding myself I was able to go home with just a few small but delicious things:

  • Blogger calendar (irresistible!) from Giochi di Carta
  • Cork Cookie shaped Espresso-coaster from gaBotte
  • 3d printed cookie cutters (cloud & paper plane) by Hanasi
  • Gift tag sticker “Do not open until 25th of December” by Hanasi


Hello Bello!



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