Join the dark side

December is the month of advent and Christmas arrives early this year.

Exactly on December 16. And I already have tickets for a month.

Waiting of "the awakening of the force" can do many things, also thanks to a series of digital experiences created by Disney and Google, and therefore, programmed to kill us.

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I just started to fiddle around with Star Wars, an app released just over 24 hours ago includes many features essential unnecessarily including the Countdown, the official news Feed, Selfie, Gif, Emoji, Augmented Reality and a Sound Bar with all the most popular phrases (on which I went to loop).

And then there's Jakku Spy … and that is? A game-animation series that will be released as you approach the fateful date to use with Google Cardboard, the Oculus of the poor, which you can also make DIY but if you are in the United States you can go and collect in a Verizon store in one of 4 special versions (BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper).














I don't know if I can find the time as 10 years time to make me a marathon the day before, but I will keep my spirit Jedi with this app and website Awaken the Force Within, which allows you to choose which side of the force to stay and have a complete Star Wars experience on all Google apps.

What does that mean? I'll find out soon, I just joined the dark side.


awake the dark side





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