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Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree DIY @

I have a box full of beautiful christmas decorations, embellishments found here and there, memories of travels and friends, but this year they will stay in that box..

I took my little tree (always the same, proportioned to my tiny home) and I followed my instinct.

I wanted something simple, colorful (but not red) and the most “DYI” as possible.

Here is the result, a bit of a mess but I feel it very mine.

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Christmas tree’s day!

Today is the day of the Christmas tree, where we got tangled in the lights and the balls roll all over the house.

But I will not talk about my tree today.

Walking through the tiny town where I live, I discovered a new idea for the Christmas tree I did not know (and probably that all the shops here have the same window dresser).

It’s the Christmas trees dress form.

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