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Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! - my new year resolution (or something like that) - Read all at

This is a little introspective post, I am not quite sure of knowing how to write it but here we are.

Writing a blog is to me a mixture between “I wish the whole world knew this” and “maybe it better no one read it”.

I’m lucky because if the first thing is very difficult, the second it’s super easy.

Someone said that “it is an act of faith”, if so forgive me because I have sinned.

I passed the advent to prepare myself for Christmas, and Christmas time to get ready to myself.

The 2016 arrived, I have a resolutions list long enough to be ashamed to write it down.

But they’re all in my head, it’s the same?

Yesterday I removed the tree, I have no more excuses, it’s time to make.

And run, compete, grow, make mistakes, write, believe it.

You want more and you want it fast. So what?

Also this year … #byebyechristmastree #sadbuthappy #hello2016

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Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree DIY @

I have a box full of beautiful christmas decorations, embellishments found here and there, memories of travels and friends, but this year they will stay in that box..

I took my little tree (always the same, proportioned to my tiny home) and I followed my instinct.

I wanted something simple, colorful (but not red) and the most “DYI” as possible.

Here is the result, a bit of a mess but I feel it very mine.

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Star Wars: 10 gadgets for true lovers

The force wakes up today.

And I must say that I did my homework, I feel prepared.

I also explored the Star Wars gadgets theme on Etsy, I have to share my 10 favorites.

But I want to gift even the worst one. Because when you’re a fan, go from cute to horrid, from good humor to tacky one … is a snap!

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My booty at the Merry Handmade

Yesterday and the day before yesterday it was held in several Italian cities the Merry Handmade, a creative event organized by A little market, two days full of creative workshops (discovered too late and all sold out) and Made in Italy handmade market (see the booty below).

Stealing from the Organization’s own words:

“We can and we want to bring the excellence of “handmade” throughout the Italian, generating and making strong connections among crafters and professionals of DIY.

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Christmas tree’s day!

Today is the day of the Christmas tree, where we got tangled in the lights and the balls roll all over the house.

But I will not talk about my tree today.

Walking through the tiny town where I live, I discovered a new idea for the Christmas tree I did not know (and probably that all the shops here have the same window dresser).

It’s the Christmas trees dress form.

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Join the dark side

December is the month of advent and Christmas arrives early this year.

Exactly on December 16. And I already have tickets for a month.

Waiting of "the awakening of the force" can do many things, also thanks to a series of digital experiences created by Disney and Google, and therefore, programmed to kill us.

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Color color … PANTONE!

That for a lot of men colors are not more than a dozen, it is well known.

The human eye can perceive 10.000 .000 color (yes also the eye of your sweetheart can do it).

There is only one color among these that rule, at least for 365 days. IIT’s the Pantone Color of the Year.

Guardian Pantone

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Hello World

Hello world!

It may seem a simple greeting, quite festive and enthusiastic, even a little bit over the top for a Monday morning.

For those with a minimum of coding background, it is something more. Hello World is the first program that is written in any programming language you are learning, given its simplicity, to begin to understand the syntax.

The goal? Easy, to write “Hello World” on the screen.

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